Sylvie Ferré


Sylvie Ferré, summary of Artistic Activities.


* Curator of the show: "LA SEDUCTION DANS/PAR LA PEINTURE". Embarcadère 1990/91. 7 catalans artists in Lyon.
* Organizer for several manifestations (exhibitions,lectures,performances) with among others: Thomas Lawson, Catherine Beaugrand, Ben.
* Lecturer in Drouot-Richelieu for "THE MEETING OF THE ART CONTEMPORARY MARKET". Paris, January 14, 15th 1995.
* Curator of the show "POESIE SONNEE" in Elac, Lyon, April 1995 with 21 artists and several performances for the first view.
* Festival "SOUND POETRY, ACTION POETRY" with Ecrits-Studio, Villa Gillet, Lyon. October 1995 .
* Curator for "THE LAST SUPPER", performance and lecture of Brian Connolly (Belfast) in the National Art School of Lyon. February 1996.
* "FLUXUS, HAPPENING, POETRY & co", March 1996 in gallery Art-Thèmes in Lyon. A show with: Ay-o, JF Bory, C. Dreyfus, J. Dupuy, J. Giorno, A. Kaprow, La Monte Young, Mieko Shiomi.
* Lecturer in South Korea and Japan, October 1996.
* Collaboration for the french participation to "INNER ART", a show and performances organized by the Fire Station Artists' Studios in Dublin, Ireland. August/September 1997.
* Contributing editor for several reviews (Inter, Magyar Mühely, writing pad of MAPRA, and recently Doc(k)s in Corsica).
* Curator of the live arts event "POLYSONNERIES )antechamber(". 5 March 1998 in Horlieu(x), Lyon. For an unique evening the meeting of a dancer Valentine Verhaeghe (F), a musician Philippe Corner (USA) and 3 performers Michel Collet (F), Bob Lens (ND), Jürgen Olbrich (D).
* Curator of the shows "POESIA INTERMEDIA - A TRIBUTE TO DICK HIGGINS". Theater Dei Dioscuri, Rome and Europa Festival in Ferentino, Italie, Nov/Dec 1998.
* Contributing editor for the book "100 TITRES" published by the International Center of Poetry in Marseille.
* Director of "POLYSONNERIES", the Live Art International Festival in Les Subsistances, Lyon. 27 April/2 Mai. 35 artists coming from international areas, 4 thematic evenings: Sound Poetry, the Body, Art Action, Intermedia and a colloqium with Pierre restany .
* Curator invited for the show "INTERMEDIA, A TRIBUTE TO DICK HIGGINS", Ernst Museum in Budapest 19 Nov/12 Dec. 61 friends of Dick made a special work for this homage.
* Director of "POLYSONNERIES 2", the Live Art International Festival in Les Subsistances, Lyon. 50 artists coming from 26 different coutries.Many exchanges with international festivals thanks to convention the City Hall of Lyon and the AFAA.
* Preparation of a series of short films for the TV on the artists of the Polysonneries Festival, in order to promote the art performance towards a larger audience. Pilot produced with Jan Fabre.
* Mission of prospection
in Poland with the AFAA, dec. 2001.
* Mission of prospection thanks to the Ambassy of Finland, February 2002. Conferences : "The Performance: a report of public interest" in Muu gallery in Helsinki and the Academy of Fine Arts of Turku, dept. Performing Arts.
* Conference in Brussels February 2002, Echevinat d'Ixelles. Preparation of the first meeting of the Organizers of International Festivals of Art Performance (IAPAO) .
* Collaboration inter festivals in the USA, April 2002. Festival Full Nelson In Los Angeles. Conference in CALARTS and panel of discussions with the University of California.
* Writer for the preface of the book of Jan Fabre (B), Lamberto Pignotti (I), and Kirsten Justesen (D),
* Collaboration inter festivals and conference during the Festival Erté de Nove Zamsky in Slovakia, october 2002.
* Conference in Finland, april 2003: Akademia of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Polytechnic in Tampere
. Permanent writer for the open forum about performance art in the Bloc Notes edited by the MAPRA (an information artistic center in the Rhône-Alpes region) since january 2003.
* IAPAO meeting in Essen, Germany to create the International Association for performance Art events Organizers, april 2003.
* Conference in Ajaccio, Corsica, during the " Ile Danse " Festival, curated by Albine Lombard and Akenaton.
* Conference in Monza, Italie, during the " Art Action " Festival curated by Nicola Frangione, may 2003.
* Conference in the Bauhaus, in Dessau, Germany, august 2003.
* Conference in Madrid, Spain, during Mad 03 at the Ciclo, october 2003.
* Conference in Lublin, Poland, Performance Art Center, february 2004.