For this event, two directions are to be taken into account:

- To consider reference to the Live Arts and nomadism as an attitude both artistic and cultural, which is the very core of the problems posed by contemporary art.

- Starting in 1998, to establish the idea of a Festival International Lyonnais, which will prove, by its mode of development and structuring its vocation to last and exist in the cultural field of the Rhône-Alpes Region, in a recurring and open way (every year).

- To demonstrate the capital, social role of the Live Arts. It is a possible encounter between human communication and existence, the humanising of free time (it is art and the artist who engineer that free time). This intermediate space gives life to the prefiguration of that which will be the destiny of our culture in the 3rd millennium.

Since the end of 1970, Lyon has been an international capital of the performing arts in their various forms. This project aims to be a continuation of the Symposium International d'Art Performance, organized by Orlan and Hubert Besacier (1979-1983), but also to confirm the noticeable evolution of those pluridisciplinary shows, which abound throughout the whole world: the Live Arts.
Moreover, it is a link between the past and the relevance of the most current researches: new technologies, audio-visual or virtual images, sound poetry, action poetry, experimental music, diaphonic singing, body art, parodying art, writing, performance, dance, theater, .....
The originality of this Festival consists in the diversity of the performers, whether due to their international provenance, or else because of the differences among their performing styles. This event reports on the new artistic relationship which the artists maintain with the Live Arts thus expressing a preference for flashing, ephemeral and spontaneaous appearances, basic emotions rather than any conventional artistic expression and, above all, an obvious taste of nomadism.
This Festival is not a superfluous happening, but a cultural and sociological phenomenon, a responsible event which implies a direct development of an artistic proposition allowing it to face the public in situ.
The performances will take place in only one place, thus allowing all the participants coming from different countries to meet, to stay together, to exchange their views, to plan projects: hence, not only the elaboration of the well known crystallizing process, peculiar to any artistic proximity, but also allowing anybody from outside (students, artists, general public, press) to meet them, thus granting recognition to an intercultural dialogue.
Some workshops will be especially devoted to those, public and students particularly interested in different cities in Rhône-Alpes.

"We have to manifest, to manifest ourselves throught speech, gesture, body, sound, by resorting to formal systems freed from disciplinary contingencies in order to recreate a relationship to the world which might be in harmony with the end of this century"