Short biography of Dick higgins.

American by adoption, Dick Higgins was born in 1938 in England.
Poet, composer, performer, writer, he is active in the art field since 1957. He studies with John Cage and Henry Cowell and, after he participates to the elaboration of the first happenings in 1958 , he co-founds Fluxus in1961.

In 1963, he founds the Something Else Press editions and realize a considerable amount of publications about the artists of this time period and he introduces by the mean of an essay in 1965 the famous concept of Intermedia that he put up with mixed media.
He produces in 1966 the first exhibition of Concrete Poetry in the USA and gives performances, lectures, concerts and divers teachings in Europe and in the US.
His visual work have been showed in many personal and collective exhibitions in the entire world. His texts are published in many reviews and he also produces a quantity of disks, films and videos.

Indefatigable experimentator, he will have try the most varied means of expression. His studies about the different forms of visual poetry will be prized with success, thanks to his book "Pattern Poetry" (1987).

His last theorical intervention was a year ago, in Quebec, at the Art Action symposium , where during the night of the 25th to the 26th of October 1998, he will be taken away by an heart attack.