Independent and wandering director of the Polysonneries Festival based in Lyon, curator, lecturer as well as writer of articles and texts about contemporary and performance art.
Recent missions of prospection (by the means of the AFAA and of various countries) where collaborations inter-festivals abroad affirmed the already largely international aspect of her course.
A series of conferences entitled: " Performance: a report of public interest " open a permanent dialogue with the international artistic community or with the students coming from various horizons, and also make possible the dissemination of information toward an increasingly open public.
Her researches in the performative field try to develop the various aspects which can be established between performance, visual arts, and other pluridisciplinary artistic forms, without at all excluding the new technological forms : they are able to lead to creations and original collaborations or to inspire mixings.
Her large archives in this field feed a more theoretical approach and will allow the future drafting of a study about performative movements.
In order to promote performance art in front of a broader audience, a series of short documentaries for TV about the artists of the Polysonneries Festival is in preparation. Pilote produced with Jan Fabre.
Contributing editor for several magazines, writer for many artists's books (Jan Fabre (B), Kirsten Justesen (D), Lamberto Pignotti (I), Roi Vaara (Finland)...
Since February 2003, she is a permanent writer in the MAPRA's Bloc Notes about Performance art. She collaborates to the catalogue of the Avignon's Festival and to a Belgium magazine " Alternatives Théâtrales " by writing an essay about Marina Abramovic and Jan Fabre.


Polysonneries today represents already 3 events, 12 Perfomance evenings, 89 artists poets or theorists who've been invited, 40 nations Besides numerous collaborations within the Region Rhône-Alpes, with Paris, Marseille or abroad, many interventions also happen with schools and universities in an educational mean.
From now on Polysonneries is a unique event in France and it definitely aims at beeing known better in other countries and is willing to keep developing a web of collaborations abroad as well as actions taking place in other cities open to Performance, a form of art in the forefront of contemporary artistic research.

Summary of artistic activities

* Curator :

- The show " La séduction par/dans la peinture ". Embarcadère, 1990/91. 7 Catalans's artists in Lyon.
- Several shows with : Thomas Lawson (USA), Catherine Beaugrand(F), Antoine Martin (CH), Philippe Lemoine (CH). 1992/93
- "POESIE SONNEE " in ELAC, Lyon, April 1995. 21 artists and 5 performances for the opening.
- "Fluxus, Happening, Poésie and Co " a show in/with the gallery Art-Themes, Lyon, Mars/Avril 1996.
- "Poésia Intermédia. A tribute to Dick Higgins ". A show in Novembre 1998 in Theater Dei Dioscuri in Rome (performances, vidéos, flash opéras, evening Futurdada, dance). And in december in Ferentino, Italy, during theWinter Europa Festival.
- " UN HOMMAGE A DICK HIGGINS " in Ernst Museum Budapest, from Novemver 19 to Décembre 12, 1999 With many performances for the opening (cf. :

* Lecturer :

- Drouot-Richelieu for "THE MEETING OF THE ART CONTEMPORARY MARKET". Paris, January 1995.
- Invitation in South Corea and in Japan for lectures during Performances's festivals, October 1996.
- Centre MU in Helsinki and in the Akademy of Fine Arts in Turku, départment " Performing Arts ".
- Bruxelles February 2002, Echevinat of Ixelles.
- CAL ARTS (Los Angeles) et LA Art Center College of Design, April 2002
- Meeting organised by Mouvement Magazine et Synesthésie, Paris
- Workshop with the students of the Akademy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, April 2003
- School of Polytechnique, départment Art & Media, Tempere, Finland, April 2003
- Festival Ile Danse, Ajaccio, May2003
- Festival International of Performance Art, Monza, Italy, May 2003
- Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany, July 2003, invitated by the French Cultural center .
- IVAM, in Madrid, November 2003.
- Art Center in Lublin, Poland, February 2004.
- Akademy of Fine Arts in Clermont-Ferrand, October 2004.

* Artistic director :

- A Talk by Ben Vautier (F) in Institut of Art Contemporean, Villeurbanne
- " Festival Poésie Sonore/Poésie Action " in Villa Gillet, October 1995.
- Performance and lecture of Brian Connolly, from ireland in the Akademy of Fine Arts in Lyon. "The Last Supper ". Fév. 1996.
- Collaboration for the french participation to "INNER ART", a show and performances organized by the Fire Station Artists' Studios in Dublin, Ireland. August/September 1997.
- "POLYSONNERIES )antichamber(." An international Live Art evening March 1998 in Horlieu (x). For an unique evening the meeting of a dancer Valentine Verhaeghe (F), a musician Philippe Corner (USA) and 3 performers Michel Collet (F), Bob Lens (ND), Jürgen Olbrich (D).
- "POLYSONNERIES, Festival International of Performance Art ", Subsistances, Lyon, 1999 from April 27 to may the 2. 35 artists coming from international areas, 4 thematic evenings: Sound Poetry, the Body Art, Intermedia and a colloqium with Pierre restany , Orlan and Nicholas Zurbrugg.
- "POLYSONNERIES, 2e International Live Art Festival "
Subsistances, Lyon, 2001, from14 to 20 May. 50 artists coming from more than 27 countriesand a colloquium. Check :
- Preparation of Polysonneries 2003. A collaboration with Finland and Belgium. Check press release on
- " Uppercut de Femmes ", a collaboration with 3 performers, Irma Optimist
(FIN) Myriam Laplante (Qu), Gwendoline Robin (B), in Le Toboggan, Décines, 2006, April the 8th.

* Writer :

- Contributing editor for the book "100 TITRES, concrete and visual Poetry and Spatialism" published by the International Center of Poetry in Marseille.
- Contributing editor for several reviews : Inter (Québec), Magyar Mühely (Hungary), Docks Action (Corsica), MAPRA .
- Artists books : Lamberto Pignotti (I), Jan Fabre (B), Kirsten Justesen (D), Roi Vaara (Fin), ...
- Since February 2003, permanent writer about Performance Art in the Bloc Notes of MAPRA (Maison Rhône-Alpes des Arts Plastiques).
- An historic text for Avignon Festival's catalogue , 2005
- " Alternatives Théâtrales ", a belgium magazine about Jan Fabre and Marina Abramovic.
- Contributing editor for the book co-edited by the MUKHA in Anvers about Jan Fabre's performances art works since the 70, " Les années chrysalide ", March 2006.

* Diverse :

- Jury member for litteratury grants of ARALD.
- Prospection mission in Finland (Finish ambassy), February 2002.
- Coproduction of a set of short film for TV about the Polysonneries festival artists, to promote performance art close to a larger audience. Pilot with Jan Fabre (B).
- Collaboration inter Festivals in USA ( thanks to AFAA), April 2002. Festival Full Nelson in Los Angeles. "Theaters of Life", New York.
- Collaboration inter Festival (thanks to AFAA) with Transart Communication in Nove Zamsky, Slovakia, October 2002 and Mamu gallery in Budapest, Hungary.
- Prospection mission in Poland thanks to AFAA, december 2001 to prepare the year of Poland in France.
- Workshop with the students of the Akademy of fine arts in Helsinki, Finland , Spring 2003.
- A study for a cultural event for the cityhall of Megève, Haute-Savoie, January 2004.
- Invitation in L'L Theater, Bruxelles for the performances's program, Octobre 2005.
-Invitation in Les Halles, Bruxelles for Trouble #2 and the venue of Black Market International.
- Invitation in Uppsala, Swedden, for Friction, June 2006.